Our Services

Apart from managing the Strategic Grain Reserves and offering excess storage space to third parties, the following services are also offered to the public;

Fumigation Services

Fumigation, is a method of pest control by use of fumigants. In many cases, this is the fastest and ideal way to get rid of pests.
Fumigants can reach places where no other products in the form of spray, dust and air solution can do. NFRA has well qualified staff in fumigation.

Weighbridge Services

NFRA offers weighbridge services to the public at reasonable prices. Our weighing equipment is verified and certified annually by Malawi Bureau of Standards (MBS).

Storage space for lease

Where excess storage space exists in its storage facilities, silos and multipurpose  warehouses, they are offered to third parties for storage of grain and other agricultural related products. Extending quality storage technologies to the public is part of the equation of enhancing food security.

Moisture Content Testing

Excess moisture in grain while in storage can have disastrous effects if not controlled. All other factors being under control, well dried grain does have a long storage life. The Agency prides itself in having modern and regularly assized moisture content testing equipment at all its depots countrywide. On request, the public can have their grain tested for moisture content and other quality parameters by our qualified staff.