Storage Facilities

In 1979, Government completed the construction of state of the art concrete silos at Kanengo, Lilongwe, with a  design storage capacity of one hundred eighty thousand (180,000) metric tonnes.

Then, to till now, the silos at Kanengo remain the largest silos concentration in Malawi, forty eight in total. The Kanengo Complex also boasts imposing  multipurpose warehouses with a design storage capacity of forty thousand (40,000) metric tonnes.

In order to enhance national food security, the government of Malawi decided that additional silo storage facilities be constructed strategically in all regions of the country.

Following this policy decision, three modern storage facilities,  each with a holding capacity of  twenty thousand (20,000) metric tonnes, were constructed and opened in Mangochi – the eastern region on 5th September, 2007; Luchenza in Thyolo - the southern region on 14th July, 2010 and Mzuzu in Mzimba – the northern region, on 22nd January, 2011.
Our storage facilities can be summarized as follows:-